Natural Home-made fresh curry

Cooksafari manufactures a range of fresh curries in both Vegetarian and Non vegetarian segments. Our curry is made in kitchen and not in factory. We keep our curries as fresh and as natural as your home-made curry. Now your mealtime will become a celebration as you can cook fresh food more conveniently.

How we prepare curry

We follow Indian traditional recipes and make authentic Indian curry for you. We procure fresh raw materials from farm, process them hygienically with RO purified water. We make sure, everything that we prepare for you should be natural and hygienic. From the fields till it reaches your plate, we maintain our curry fresh and natural.

The Joy of cooking

We just Simplify your cooking process

Main endeavor of Cooksafari is to provide you ease in complicated and tedious traditional cooking process. We make fresh curry; you need to add fresh proteins (Paneer/ Vegetable/ Dal/ Chicken), follow our simple instructions given in packets and within 7 minutes your fresh meal will be ready.

Salient features of “7 – Min Cooking Solution”

Consistency in taste/flavour
Quick time to prepare
Easy to prepare
Low dependency on manpower
Hassle free operation
Reduce Kitchen Management



We Work in two segments

  • i) Cloud kitchen
  • ii) Households

Cloud kitchen

Cooksafari has devised and introduced a “No cook No Chef” (NcNc) model for your restaurant kitchen. With this model, your restaurant / outlet / cloud kitchen business shall not be any more dependent on cooks and chefs. We give solutions to maintain taste and flavour of your signature dishes in your restaurant itself without the help of any trained chef or cook .

The USP of a successful restaurant is usually the taste of a signature dish. When a restaurant fails to maintain its taste or it expands and opens a second or third outlet, the taste is often not the same. Because of inconsistency in taste most of the popular restaurants often fail and shut down. When it comes to restaurant brands, customers are very particular about familiar and distinct food experience. Maintaining consistency across restaurant outlets is extremely important as it helps to build brand loyalty among customers. We have already developed solutions for 50 recipes (curries, biryani, tikkas etc).


We have developed a solution for cumbersome Indian cooking. In modern lifestyle, people hardly get time for cooking and mostly dependent on house helps or fast food. With these practices taste and quality of food is highly compromised. It is a “No Cook No Chef” model, where curries, biryani snacks are be prepared without skilled manpower. We make ready to prepare curries, where vegetables, paneer or chicken is used fresh by the users. It is a “7-min cooking solution”, where delicious and quality food is getting prepared without any kitchen hassle.


Got Product Winner award in UP Startup Conclave in 2019.