About Us

Cooksafari has devised and introduced a  “No cook No Chef” (NcNc) model for your restaurant kitchen. With this model, your restaurant / outlet / cloud kitchen business shall not be  any more dependent on cooks and chefs. We give solutions to maintain taste and flavour of your signature dishes in your restaurant itself without the help of any trained chef or cook.

The USP of a successful restaurant is usually the taste of a particular signature dish. When a restaurant fails to maintain its taste or it expands and opens a second or third outlet, the taste is often not the same. Because of inconsistency in taste most of the popular restaurants often fail and shut down. When it comes to restaurant brands, customers are very particular about familiar and distinct food experience. Maintaining consistency across restaurant outlets is extremely important as it helps to build brand loyalty among customers. 

7 – Minute Cooking Module


Our developed module – “prepare authentic Indian flavor only in 7 minutes“. Our team has developed a full cooking process along with spices (wet & dry both). Salient features of this module as stated below:

  • Consistency in taste/flavour
  • Quick time to prepare
  • Easy to prepare
  • Low dependency on manpower
  • Hassle free operation
  • Reduce Kitchen Management  

How we work 

We work on following points to maintain consistency in taste, as well as the success throughout our restaurant outlet network.

  1. Menu Standardization

Standardization of menu is essential as it helps maintain consistency across restaurant outlets and also keeps the food costs in check.  Often customers want to have the same dish that they’ve tried last time in your restaurant. Change in taste gives negative impact on customers. In order to have the same taste for the each and every food item across the outlets, it is essential to have a standard recipe. We prepare customized specific spices for your menu and maintain consistency in the taste.

  1. Central kitchen 

Your kitchen is not dependent on chef or cook. Customized spice and herb preparation and blending is done in our central kitchen and flavour of your menu always remains constant. We make sure that flavour of your menu should always be consistent. We also give training to your employees for smooth running of your kitchen. After training, we keep regular monitoring on your kitchen to maintain quality.We are backed by a team of professional food experts and management professionals. Our team always remains in touch with you and your staffs to handle challenges. Smooth serving of tasty and hygienic food in your restaurant is our responsibility. 

  1. Cost Control

Standard recipes play a crucial part in inventory management and cost control.  Inventory management and, recipe management provides the number and quantity of ingredients used up in a day. If your restaurant sold ten orders of  kadhai Paneer, and each order uses 200 gms of Paneer, then your inventory report should say 2 kgs of Paneer used up. If the report says three kg have been used up, and only ten orders have been sold, then you need to look for the missing 1 KG of Paneer. This implies that either the orders were over-portioned or internal thefts are happening at your restaurant.

  1. Marketing/Advertisement

We are into the food industry for almost a decade and established a remarkable brand value. We are backed by a team of professionals which looks after marketing/advertising deptt. for which you don’t need to bother about or spend even a single penny.

In such manners we always remain connected and committed with our outlet network and provide handholding sort of outlet running modalities which you can’t get elsewhere in the entire food and hospitality industry. Our success is directly proportional to your success. So your business and success will always be paramount in our mission.




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  1. Faith April 13, 2015 at 3:32 PM #

    Great recipes! Loved your cooking classes! Looking forward to exploring your website!