Mom’s Cookery, R & D department of Cook Safari, where our specialists continuously work to develop more authenticity, flavours and taste to your food. It is a platform where our team works on market demand and develops recipes according to your need and taste.

In current scenario, people are suffering from different health related problems and doctors often recommend restrictions in diet. These restrictions sometimes may be of carbohydrate, protein or fat, even sometimes may be of micro ingredients like sodium or potassium.

Some of these ingredients are essential for the taste and flavours to food. Restriction on these ingredients results in complete loss of taste and flavour from food, and we are compiled to have tasteless diet. This really makes life miserable.

Our foremost concern is to provide flavour in your food in a healthy manner. In Mom’s Cookery our specialists are trying to develop tasty and healthy food. Our team are trying to invent new recipes for you and your family without using the restricted ingredients. We are working hard to get back taste in your food and zeal in your life.


In addition to this, with pace of modernisation and amalgamation of people around the world, there are significant changes in the food habits in recent years. Ethnic cuisines have been replaced with new flavours. We also work to develop new recipes with new flavours and taste and to set a new gastronomic tradition.

Ekan Infocook

Technical department of cook safari, which is comprised of highly experienced team. Cook Safari is the result of the sincere effort from our team who has connected us with globe in a hook. With our team effort, we could have combined culinary skills with technology. Now you can seat at any part of world and learn authentic cooking with just a click. You can discuss your cooking problems with us through our interactive sessions and we are here to serve you. Our technical experts work hard to give you uninterrupted classes through video conferencing.


Our upcoming venture, which is an online shopping platform. This will provide you cooking ingredients at your doorstep for your ease.

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  1. Faith April 13, 2015 at 3:32 PM #

    Great recipes! Loved your cooking classes! Looking forward to exploring your website!