Leftover thrill

Leftover Thrills

With changing world, our day to day life is changing significantly. Earlier our parents used to cook verity of foods but there were less wastage. We had a system that all leftover foods would be given to the workers who help for family. But now a day’s scenario has changed, things have become expensive. No one wants to waste food but no one wants to eat leftover food. It becomes monotonous, if you serve same food in dinner that you have served in lunch. As a result there is no option other than wasting food.

When I was a kid, going to eat out in restaurants was considered to be a major luxury. Food is always my interest and pleased me to have good food. Even though my family and I used to go out rarely, I was very fond of tasting new dishes and ordered something new each time. My parents used to tell me to never waste food. As a result, I used to order less or end up eating everything off my plate. But now times have changed. Wastage of food occurs very frequently when you go out, especially when you have small kids. Forcing them to finish it just makes them crankier. I really feel bad when I see people throw food in dustbin. I have tried to resolve this problem of wastage by getting my leftovers packed for home.

Since 3-4 years, I try my best to come up with creative dishes by refashioning the leftover thrills. I have tried to utilize leftovers like Rice, Roti, Khichri, bread, Idli and make some delicious dishes. It is difficult to eat leftover khichri. I have prepared “Crispy Pakoda” and “Chila” from it. Similarly, I have utilized Leftover Roti and Rice and prepared delicious dishes like Halwa, Mawa Roti Roll from it. I feel truly happy when I see my kids are relishing Pakoda which is prepared with Khichri. When they demand Roti Halwa, I find myself out of the world. I hope that I am able to set a good example for my kids.

Here are link of few leftover thrills

Leftover Khichri to Pakoda

Leftover Roti to Mawa Roti Roll

Leftover Rice to Halwa

Leftover Roti to Halwa

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