Kathi Roll

Kathi Rolls

Kathi Rolls are one of the India’s most favourite fast food. It tastes divine and is a one of the most popular street food. Normally Kathi Rolls are made with marinated chicken cooked on a skillet, topped with finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves and then served with some green chutney wrapped in “Lachha Parathas”.

But today, pretty much any filling rolled up in any kind of Indian flatbread is called a kathi roll. These are not the authentic kathi roll but are still loved by most of the Indians.

Kathi roll is originated from Kolkata. Traditionally, a kathi roll is a kathi kebab wrapped in a paratha and prepared with lamb meat. Over the years they become very popular, and there are a large number of varieties available, like filled with curried chicken, lamb or shrimps. Sometimes a layer of egg is also added, which significantly enhances its taste. Vegetarians can substitute chicken with paneer or vegetables and make delicious vegetarian kathi rolls.

Kathi rolls are great for snack and are really relished by most of the Indians. These are fantastic wraps to take for lunch or may be a really nice casual dinner. These can also be served as cocktail snacks.

Be it Kolkata, Mumbai or Delhi rolls, we Indians are very choosy about our rolls. Right from our own sort of stuffing, topping to the exact level of crispiness, we would want in our rolls. All of us have different taste and we look for “our type” of roll. It is always better to prepare it at home and enjoy the desired taste of roll.

Kathi roll’s recipe seems complicated and lengthy, but they are easy to make.

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