Dhaniya ki chutney

Dhaniya Ki Chutney

Dhaniya Ki Chutney

I have always had a flair for cooking, and have picked up a lot of things along the way by observing the food around me. In my school days, I was very fascinated with the food available in my school canteen. My favourite snack was samosa. The best thing about samosa (apart from its crunchy goodness, of course) was that it was never served on its own; it always came to the party escorted by its two close friends- green chutney and brown chutney. This always amused me, and one day I asked my mother about these chutneys, especially the green one. Turned out, it was known as Dhaniya (coriander) ki Chutney. This perfect chutney has just the right balance of flavours- the freshness of coriander leaves is complemented by the few drops of sour lemon juice (nimboo ka ras) and the fiery green chilles (hari mirch). The secret ingredient I have used here is black salt (kala namak). Although it has a bad odour, it adds a distinct savoury taste to the chutney due to its sulphur content. This recipe does not require much time, and can be prepared easily by using the more convenient electric grinder, in case a stone grinder is unavailable. Dhaniya ki Chutney tastes delightful with just about anything, be it Samosas, Kachoris or Dhoklas. This green condiment is like a breath of fresh air.

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How to make Dhaniya Ki Chutney


Green Coriander Leaves (Dhaniya Patti) 1 bunch
Galic cloves (lahsan) 5-6 piece
Green chilli (hari mirch) 2 piece
Lemon Juice (nimboo ka ras) 2 table spoon
Salt (namak) to taste
Black salt (kala namak) ½ tea spoon
Roasted cumin (bhuna jeera) ½ tea spoon


  • 1. Wash coriander leaves and drain the excess water.
  • 2. Then on Indian stone grinder grind it with, garlic, green chilli and salt all together.
  • 3. Once the chutney is grounded add lime juice, black salt and roasted cumin powder and serve it.


  • You can also use an electric grinder for the grinding.

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