Gond ke Laddo (Pinni)

Gond Ke Laddo (Pinni)

Pinni is winter delight popularly made in Punjab. Pinni is known for it’s rich taste and nutrition.  The dessert is made of wheat flour, ghee and lots of dry fruits. All these ingredients help to keep our body warm and provides essential fats needed to sustain in harsh cold. Apart from its nutritional value, its taste is delicious and is loved by all age group.  When I was young, my mother used to make Pinni  and as a kid munching delicious crunchy Pinni  was big enjoyment for us. I feel very happy and satisfied, when I see my grand children demand and enjoy Pinni.


Wheat flour (atta) 500 gm
Gum (gond) 50 gm
White granulated sugar (bura) 250 gm
Clarified butter (ghee) 300 gm
Foxnut (makhane) 50 gm
Almonds (badam) 50 gm
Cashewnuts (kaju) 50 gm
Dry coconut (gola), grated 1 cup
Black Pepper (kali mirch) 1/2 tea spoon
Dry Ginger (Saunth) 1/2 tea spoon
Khus Khus 1 tea spoon


  • 1. Heat clarified butter (ghee), fry gums and remove it from flame. Now crush this with a masher.
  • 2. Fry foxnuts (makhane) in same oil and remove it from oil. Let it become little cool and then crush it.
  • 3. Now fry other dry fruits and crush them roughly.
  • 4. Heat clarified butter in a thick wok and roast flour on low flame, till it becomes golden brown.
  • 5. Now add coconut, dry ginger and khus khus in roasted flour.
  • 6. Mix all crushed dry fruits and gum in a bowl and add this mixture in flour. Mix this mixture well.
  • 7. Remove this mixture from flame and now add sugar powder.
  • 8. Let the mixture become little cool and now make small laddoos.

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Gond ke Laddo (Pinni)
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