chocolate crisp cookies recipe

Chocolate Crisp Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Crisp Cookies Recipe

Chocolate is well-liked and savored by almost everyone in this world. So using it as an ingredient in cookies is a very smart decision, as these cookies will finish in no time. The preparation of Chocolate Crisp Cookies very much resembles that of Butter Crisp Cookies, except that the hero of this dish here is chocolate. Also, egg is not used here. It should be noted that salt is to be separately added to the mixture if using unsalted butter. The mixture should be beaten properly to obtain the right amount of fluffiness and consistency. The dough obtained can be a tad difficult to work with, but a little bit of milk can be added to make it softer. The cooling of the batter should be done properly. The icing sugar should be sprinkled in small amounts, as it has an overpoweringly sweet taste. Cinnamon can be added for flavour. Chocolate chips are an interesting choice of topping. The baking tray should be greased before mounting the cookies on it, in order to avoid sticking. The oven is to be preheated and set at the correct temperature to get the desired result. The cookies must be checked after 10-12 minutes of baking. The final biscuits would be a bit darkened around the edges. After cooling down, they should be crispy but not burnt. These thin cookies are chocolaty. They taste wonderful when dunked in milk or in a hot cup of tea.

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How to make Chocolate Crisp Cookies Recipe


All-purpose flour (Maida) 1 cup
Butter 2-3 table spoons
Vegetable oil 2-3 table spoons
Baking powder ½ tea spoon
Sugar ¼ cup
Dark chocolate 1 ounce
Vanilla ½ tea spoon
Coco powder 1 table spoon
Icing sugar 2 table spoon


  • 1. Melt chocolate, butter and vegetable oil together and let it cool for sometimes.
  • 2. In a separate bowl mix sugar, all purpose flour, baking powder, salt and coco powder.
  • 3. Mix chocolate mixture in dry mixture. Add vanilla and mix it well and make dough.
  • 4. Cover it with thin film and keep it in freeze for 1 hour.
  • 5. Shape into small balls and sprinkle little icing sugar on it. Bake for about 10-12 minutes, at 180 c until lightly browned on bottoms. Cool on rack.

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chocolate crisp cookies recipe
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