Chocolate Vanilla Biscuits Recipe

Chocolate Vanilla Biscuits Recipe

Chocolate Vanilla Biscuits Recipe

Chocolate and Vanilla are two ingredients that have universal appeal, be it kids, middle-aged people or old people. Everyone loves both or at least either of the two. And what’s more? They go amazingly well together, and never fail to bring out the flavour in each other. And the kids will especially love this recipe as it contains jelly .The silver balls added in the end are edible and enhance the aesthetic quality of the biscuit. Butter and egg are added to provide a smooth, crunchy texture to the cookies. Melting of the chocolate is an important step. Care must be taken to not overheat. The cooling must also be done correctly. Baking powder is added to provide that extra lift to that batter. The baking tray should be greased before mounting the cookies on it, to avoid sticking. Since there are two kinds of biscuits (chocolate and vanilla) used in this recipe, there are two processes involved and both of them should be carried out carefully. The end product resembles a cream biscuit, except that the cream is replaced by jelly in this recipe. The jelly could be of any flavour (strawberry, raspberry etc.) depending on your choice. These sweet treats can be served with afternoon tea, coffee or can be consumed in the form of mid-time snacks as a pleasure.

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How to make Chocolate Vanilla Biscuits Recipe


All-purpose flour 2 cup
Butter ¾ cup
Baking powder 1 tea spoon
Sugar 1 cup
Chocolate (melted) 2 ounce
Egg white of 1 egg 1
Vanilla essence 1 tea spoon
Coco powder 3 table spoon

For Garnishing

Silver balls


  • 1. Shift all purpose flour, baking powder and divide it into two parts.
  • 2. In one part of flour add coco powder.
  • 3. Melt chocolate on low flame and set aside.
  • 4. Mix butter and sugar, vanilla and add egg white keep aside.
  • 5. Divide butter mixture also into two parts and knead white flour with this.
  • 6. Add melted chocolate with the remaining butter mixture and knead coco mixed flour with it.
  • 7. Dust the floor with all purpose flour and roll out two chapatis of 1/4 inch thickness. (One chapatti with vanilla dough and one with chocolate dough.)
  • 8. Cut both the chapatti with cookie cutter. Cut the center of chocolate cookies with bottle cap.
  • 9. Place one chocolate cookie over the vanilla cookies and press it little.
  • 10. Grease and dust oven tray. Arrange them in the tray with 2 inches apart. Bake it in oven for 15 minutes at 180 degree C.
  • 11. Now fill the chocolate rings with jelly of your choice.
  • 12. Garnish it with silver balls and serve it.

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Chocolate Vanilla Biscuits Recipe
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