Butter Crisp Cookies Recipe

Butter Crisp Cookies Recipe

Butter Crisp Cookies Recipe

There is one main ingredient which gives any baked product a smooth and rich texture-Butter. It is an essential part of all biscuits. Butter Crisp Cookies do not contain a lot of sweetness, but have that silky buttery taste. The butter, oil and sugar mixture should be beaten properly to obtain the right amount of fluffiness and consistency. Once the mixture is prepared, the dough is very easy and soft to work with. This recipe does not require the use of pre-heating. The baking tray should be greased before mounting the cookies on it, to avoid sticking. They should be kept well separated as they tend to spread a lot. After baking for 10 minutes, the edges of the cookies should be checked. They should be deep golden-brown in colour. If they aren’t browned enough, continue baking for a minute or two. The biscuits should be nicely cooled and allowed to set. Variations can be introduced in the form of sugar icing (to enhance the flavours), or adding a pinch of salt (to add balance to the sweetness).The vanilla essence can be substituted by orange or lemon zest. Chocolate chips can also be added. Margarine can be used instead of butter. But for authentic results, real butter should be used. Butter Crisp Cookies are very crisp and light, and go along best with milk or coffee. They make for a perfect summer dessert. These cookies are so tasty, that it’s impossible to have just one!

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How to make Butter Crisp Cookies Recipe


All purpose flour 1 cup
Butter 4 table spoon
Vegetable oil 4 table spoon
Baking powder ½ tea spoon
Castor sugar ½ cup
Milk powder 5 table spoon
Egg white 1 egg
Salt ¼  tea spoon
Vanilla essence 1 tea spoon


  • 1. Mix butter, vegetable oil and sugar together and beat it properly.
  • 2. Add egg white and vanilla extracts and mix it well.
  • 3. Mix flour, baking powder, milk powder and salt together and sieve it.
  • 4. Mix the butter mixture and flour mixture and make dough.
  • 5. Shape into small balls and press it lightly or roll it and cut it in the shape of cookies.
  • 6. Place on greased baking sheets and bake it at 180 C for 8-10 minutes.
  • 7. Cool it before serving.

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Butter Crisp Cookies Recipe
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